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{Saturday, January 05, 2008 . }

the old year has gone... the new year has come...

it has been a long time since i touched my blog also...

2007 has been a very tiring year... looking back...i've left church for 2 years already... a lot of things happened and i've grew and matured alot...

Jan saw me taking over the cafe management fully and losing a relationship because of work... i've really been blessed because the staff has been very supportive of me while i'm in the helm... i had zahari and terence running around for me over the nitty gritty details while i focus on planning and running the cafe... i had a group of staff who focus on customer service and made our guests enjoy every second while in the cafe... i made a lot of friends who were customers... i restructured the kitchen system and successfully created a new way of running the internal... i've created many new portfolio to ensure my staff got all the recognition altho the pay sucked... i've made a family out of pple who dun see tt place permenant... i've became senior cafe executive - cafe operation management and to me... tt's the greatest success in the year...

Mar saw me handing over my authority to zahari as i prepare to step down from the helm zahari preparing to take my place... in this month i focused on training my staff to ensure that they keep to standards while the running is passed over to zahari... i started facilitating his planning of the running and ops... i started to push terence to ensure tt in my absence... he will be able to run the cafe... zahari has school so it would be easier for him to share the helm wif zahari...

May saw me getting attached to my current gal... whoo~ i love u baby...

june saw me handing over everything fully to zahari and terence and being elevated to senior cafe executive - management consultant... i was conscripted and enlisted on 16th June...

Sept saw me ending my first year as an adult and turn 22... completed BMT and posted to MSU... met a group of great buddies and have a lot of fun while going thru mentally crazy training wif MWO Sathe Thas... completed my driving phrase training, section training, plt training, maintenance training and christmas came and went... and 2007 is over...

the year has been fruitful in a sense... and as the first week of the new year went by... really should count my blessing... thank you everyone who had played a part in creating a memorable year for me... and thanks God! it has been a great year wif You~

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{Thursday, December 06, 2007 . }

a short holiday before i'm 'jailed' for another week for training...

things have been fine... completed 2/4 of the training schedule... once all is completed, i'm officially an armour-trained personnel... black beret and armour collar badge... then begins my 1 year plus of driving and training the infantry...

the year is coming to an end... and i've nt really accomplished anything... and i really miss serving in church...


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{Saturday, November 17, 2007 . }

it has been almost a year since i last posted...

gosh it has been so long... i forgot my log in username and password =x

so... the year has passed, i've left my job in settlers (for good probably... but then again...) gt enlisted, finished bmt, finish M113 driving course and now having my section and platoon course...

many things happened...

i lost track of myself, of time and of everything that should really matter...

people came, people left, people changed yet everything is still status quo for me...

i'm 22... turning 23... my biological clock is ticking... i'm beginning to fear for my future...

funny how we always wanna grow up, onli to wish we were young again... how we always hope to be up there, onli to desire to go back to the start... at work i was promoted to the highest position a staff can be, onli to wish that i can go back to be a lowly staff... in camp i ended my stint as a recruit, onli to desire my recruit life... in life i m now an adult, onli to look back and envy being a child...

how easy was it then, when u really trust the people around you... when you have nothing to worry but homework... when responsibilities never hound you... how simple was it then when life is all about school and friends... when events are onli in the morning or night... when you onli need to spend about $1 a day for recess...

childlikeness is a gift... it is wad makes a person so attractive... when you see things as a child, simple; not threatening and excited... when you treat people like how a child would, always trusting, open and intimate... when you are clear and see things for what they are and people for who they are... we lose all these when we grow up... children... they are so excited when they walk around, when they can run about but as we grow up... we hate walking and running, we take cabs wherever we go...

i envy childlike people around me... people who sees each day as an adventure and not a chore... people like sgt mok, han xin, douglas... i lost it... and i hope you pple dun... it is a gift... treasure it...


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{Tuesday, December 19, 2006 . }

This is my prayer to you God... keep me...

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{Saturday, December 16, 2006 . }

've been sooooooooo busy @ settlers tt i really have no time for myself... but i enjoyed myself lately

lotsa customers who walked in left happy and i'm happy... lotsa them use to think tt boardgames = bored games... but many keep coming back coz the games are fun...

my fren use to ask me why i still do so much... i m off shift and i should just relax... but i guess settlers had been more than a job to me now... it is a lifestyle... a way of life tt i'm so use to now... i can't begin to imagine wad life will be like NOT workin in settlers... the peopleare so much fun and i really like this family... esp. with my kinda family... they're the next closest thing to my family...

tt reminds me... i got my letter for my checkup already... will be having my checkup soon... ya know wad tt means? NS!!! soon... haha...

oh and chirstmas is coming... and new year... and there are a few games i really wanna buy:
Arkham Horror and the Expansions
Betrayal in the House on the Hill

guess boardgames are now my latest addiction... apart from WoW... haha... playing World of Warcraft now... and boy is it addictive... now addicted to it liao... played form am to am then went to Terence place carry on for an hour or so... and Level from 1 - 8... Wee~ a little slow but still weeee~ but it is an expensive hobby... sigh~

i guess the slogan is here to stay in this part of my journey in life: I play games for a living... Do you?

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{Tuesday, October 31, 2006 . }

gosh... my blog is so neglected i have to be reminded that i actually have one......

ever since mid september when i started working full time in Settlers Cafe Katong... i had not much time to myself and the people around me... and finally i have some time to myself... coz... i'm now over at a fren's place waiting for him to wash up then go to work...

this 2 months (almost) had lotsa stuff happening... it is zapping me kinda dry yet giving me lotsa fun memories...

my grams is in hospital and suffering from clinical depression (wad's the diff btween tis and norm depression i dunno) and i have nt been visiting her...

there are many pple around me that i wanna set some record straight... but i've either been too busy for it or i really dunno how to go about doin it...

work after work... extension after extension... tiring but fun... and thanks to the many pple there who never fail to brighten my day... but i've been acting too much like a jerk at work... i must treat them nicer... must stop bullying them coz i'm the only full timer there...

it is 1:45... and i'm not on my way to work yet... tis is bad... sigh~

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{Thursday, September 07, 2006 . }

Discover 2006
from 1st September 2006 to 3rd September 2006

the camp was launched with the hope to help students discover themselves and to equipe them with skills for self discovery... with this in mind workshops including self-esteem and self awarness was included into the camp

the camp started with everyone tasked to create a group name, cheer and 3 ground rules for the whole group to follow... they were also asked to assign roles amongst themselves so as to ensure a sense of belonging to the group...

after 3 days of games and workshop... the camp committee really hopes that the teams have nurtured a bond tt will last them thru the years but most importantly... a sense of self awareness and self esteem to see them thru many years of teenage life... letting them know who they really are...

kudos to the individual teams... i dun have time to explain it then i will explain it now...

Most Sporting Team: Survivor
despite all that had happened... you all still carry on the task and games with all your energy... it was inspiring to see all of you still having the sense of sportmenship... the most sporting team award goes to you coz u really deserve it...

Most Diligent Team: Diligence
Diligent in games, duties and all that you all do... the group really live up to their name... your efforts seen in wanting to do your best earns you tis award

Most Improved Team: Optimistic
Remember when you first started? See how far you've moved... the way your group slowly start working together are signs that you have improved alot and indeed this award is yours...

Most Inspiring Team: Victorious
Your participation, your passion, your involvement and everything that you exhibit had inspired many to do likewise... you are the best performing team in the camp and this award goes to you...

I can't remember the title of the award... but wow... u were so close... and ur team have been very particiapting in the workshop and games so if i have to give you another title it would be:
Most Participative Award
your every question, your every desire to bve part of every activity really touched me...

Best Camper Award: Frederick
It is not becoz you acted as me... (although u did a good job with tt) but all the other facilitators thought that you were the most attentive person, very caring and concern, always performing your duties as taskmaster and as a fellow team mate and camper... your willingness to lend your slipper, you being the first to raise up your hand when a failitator does it and many more... the facilitators decided and you are the best camper although the rest are better campers... haha... no good campers...

if you all really wan the scores:
D-655 S-630 C-785 O-635 V-815
wan details? ask me for it

overall the camp was a success seeing how much you all love it... but it has also fialed coz the most important 2 components (reflections and workshop) was compromised and not well recieved... i will fine tune the materials and hopefully the next batch of pple will have better luck in this...

till then
thanks Discovers!

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